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Digital Inclusion Survey Extended 

The deadline for the Digital Inclusion Survey (DIS) has been extended to December 12. West Virginia’s completion rate is 20% overall as of November 12, so please set aside a few minutes to take the survey.

The DIS focuses on public libraries’ role in building digitally inclusive communities. Documenting that role is critical to communicating the value of public libraries as key providers of public access technologies, digital literacy and services to support employment/workforce development, education, civic engagement, and health and wellness.

For more information, contact Susan P. Hoskins, Planning and Programs Consultant/State Data Coordinator, 304-558-3978, extension 2014, susan.p.hoskins@wv.gov.

Order 2014 WV Tax Forms for Your Library

Order tax forms for your libraryIt's time for libraries to place orders for the 2014 West Virginia State Tax Forms. Main libraries should order for branches. Please be sure to include the name of a contact person on your form. 

Traditionally, WVLC receives the forms around mid-December and begins distributing them immediately. Libraries may put them out for distribution after January 1, 2015.  

WVLC encourages libraries within reasonable driving distance of Charleston to pick up the forms at the Culture Center loading dock.

Complete the order form  and email or fax it to Woodie Dorsen, woodie.j.dorsen@wv.gov. Woodie's fax number is 304-558-1612.

Orders placed after December 16 will be processed as soon as possible, but may not be shipped until after January 1.

In-State Toll Free: 1-800-642-9021

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