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Success Strategies

Before Snapshot Day (And Everyday)...Promote, Promote, Promote

Become your biggest cheerleader.  Make sure your community is aware of all the programs and services that your library provides. 

  • Contact your local newspaper or TV station to tell them about your plans.  Suggest they might like to send someone to cover special programs/activities/events at your library.
  • Send a letter to the editor or a brief article advertising your upcoming plans --- encourage patrons to visit the library to see what’s happening!
  • Create and customize promotional material for your library. Such as, posters, bookmarks and brochures.
  • Develop interesting and informative print and online material for your patrons.
  • Update your website to include all your upcoming events, programs and current services offered by your library.

On Snapshot Day...Record, Record, Record

Brush up on your photography skills.  Document the day in pictures, words, etc.

  • Take lots of pictures of the activities happening at your library. (Don't forget to have your patrons sign a photo release).
  • Have patrons fill out the Snapshot Day handouts to let you know why they visited the library.
  • Set up stations in your library with paper, pens, pencils, markers, etc. for patrons to write down what they like most about the library.  Take pictures of the patrons holding their signs.
  • Set up stations in your library for your younger patrons to draw what they like most about the library.  Take pictures of the children holding their creations.
  • Create a banner with the title "I Love My Library Because..." and have patrons write what they love the most about the library.  (This can be done with a plain white sheet and fabric markers, poster board or a large canvas.)
  • If you have a video camera available, interview a few patrons about their visit to the library.  (Don't forget to have your patrons sign a photo release).
  • Be creative!  Brainstorm about other ways to record your patrons experiences at your library.

If you have other ideas, please let us know.

After Snapshot Day...Share, Share, Share

Spread the word.  Let your community know the importance of your library.

  • Upload your pictures and videos to the Flickr photo group. 
  • Share the quotes and comments that you collected with your local funding authorities. 
  • Feature your participation and your customers in your next newsletter. 
  • Share your results with your board. 
  • Put a Snapshot button on your website and link to the Flickr photo group.
  • Make a slideshow of the Flickr photos on a computer and run it in the library near the check out desk. 
  • Ask your local cable station to feature the slideshow. 
  • If your town has a website, ask if it will feature the slideshow. 
  • Make bold signs with your customer comments and display them throughout the library. 
  • Share the results of Snapshot Day with your trustees, friends, and patrons. 
  • Take the results of Snapshot Day when you visit schools, senior centers, community agencies, or any outreach. 
  • Compile and customize the Snapshot Day results (add your own stats, logo, etc.) and welcome new library card holders with the results. 
  • Let your Friends group know about your participation in Snapshot Day. 
  • Develop your own web page featuring the comments and photos. 
  • Ask your local newspaper to run a photo with caption. Provide the customer's name and phone number if you have permission so the newspaper can contact him or her for an interview. 
  • Design an 11 x 17 poster in color and print several copies "in house". Print even more copies and share them with your customers. 
  • Send an email to members of the local governing authorities featuring customer quotes. 
  • Create a promotional bookmark using the results. 
  • Visit the ALA website for more ideas to promote your library.

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