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  • WVLC uses Flickr to collect and share your Snapshot Day photos. By uploading photos to the WVLC Flickr account, you are verifying that you have permission from the subjects photographed (the subjects’ parent or guardian if under 18 years of age).  
  • To acquire permission, download the Photo Release. The suggested language contained in the photo release may be used in its entirety or altered to meet your specific situation. The use of images requires authorization. Keep these on file at your library.

  • To upload your photos, attach them to an email message and send it to given06draws@photos.flickr.com. For best results, only attach a few photos to each message. The subject line of the email will become part of the title of the photo or photos; text in the body of the email becomes the photo description.

  • WVLC may use the photos to promote library services and champion libraries. 

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