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Administrative Services

Phone: 304-558-2041                    Fax:  304-558-2044                   Toll Free Option 1

Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Karen Goff, Executive Secretary 2084 
Jennifer Johnson, Library Administrative Services Director 2087
Vanesse Myers, Procurement Officer 2086 
David Riebe, Human Resource Officer
Stan Howell, Public Information Specialist 2083
James White, Graphic Artist 2073

Building Services

Phone: 304-558-3422                    Toll Free Option 7
Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Steve Tyler, Supervisor 2046
Woodie Dorsen, Maintenance Worker 2028 

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Library Development

Phone: 304-558-2041                    Fax:  304-558-2044                    Toll Free Option 1


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Susan P. Bailey, Library Services Consultant 2022
Melissa Brown, Library Development Consultant 2082
Robert Gibson, Office Assistant 2080


Phone: 304-558-3577                    Fax:  304-558-3693                    Toll Free Option 5

Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Harlan White, Network Services Director 2002 
Cris Spradling, Information Systems Specialist 2004 
Barbara England, Office Assistant 2001 
Carl Hackworth, Information Systems Coordinator 2009 
Fred Vickers, Information Systems Coordinator 2005 


System Administrators and Field Technicians

Where is Your Technician?


Name and Title E-mail Address Phone Number
Larry Arnold, Unix/Linux System Administrator for MLN & NorLN 304-438-3750
Tammy Richards, Millennium Application Support for MLN & NorLN 304-627-2236 
Scott Birchfield, Raleigh County Area Field Technician
James Weaver, Clarksburg Area Field Technician
Kelly Klein, Weirton Area Field Technician 304-797-8510
Tina Snyder, Martinsburg Area Field Technician
Angela Graham, Parkersburg Area Field Technician 304-420-4587

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Special Services

304-558-4061                    Fax:  304-558-6016                    Toll Free Option 8

For Blind and Physically Handicapped Library Patrons 1-800-642-8674

Name and Title Extension
Donna Calvert, Special Services Director 2052
Jasmyne Lewis-Combs, Technology Resource Librarian 2058
Jon Barker, Machine Coordinator 2062
Shane Woodyard, Office Assistant 2059


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State Library Services

Reference Section:    304-558-2068                   Fax:304-558-2044                    Toll Free Option 3

Technical Services Section:    304-558-3976     Fax:  304-558-4066                  Toll Free Option 6

Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Heather Campbell-Shock, State Library Services Director 2069


Janice Bickham, Reference Librarian 2074
Michelle Kubiak, Cataloging Librarian 2070
Vickie Morris, Special Projects Cataloger 2035 
Geoff Richardson, Information Systems Coordinator 2006 
Lisa Hechesky, Research Librarian 2072
Peter Triplett, Office Assistant 2049 
Susan Ward, Office Assistant 2076 

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TV Studio

304-558-2531                    Fax:  304-558-4340                    Toll Free Option 4


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension 
Mark Lanham, Supervisor II / Technical Director 2045 
Lino DeMarchi, Television/Video Technician 2043 
Benjamin Miles, Library Service Technician 2044

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