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Fax:  304-558-2044
Toll Free Option 1


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Karen Goff, Secretary karen.e.goff@wv.gov 2084 
Denise Seabolt, Library Administrative Services Director denise.r.seabolt@wv.gov 2087
Vanesse Myers, Procurement Officer vanesse.myers@wv.gov 2086 
David Riebe, Human Resource Officer david.b.riebe@wv.gov
VACANT, E-Rate Coordinator    


Building Services

Toll Free Option 7


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Steve Tyler, Supervisor steven.g.tyler@wv.gov 2046
Woodie Dorsen, Maintenance Worker woodie.j.dorsen@wv.gov 2028 
David Kinser, Driver david.kinser@wv.gov 2049 

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Library Development

Fax:  304-558-1612
Toll Free Option 2

Name and Title E-mail Address Extension 
Molly Krichten, Library Development Director molly.l.krichten@wv.gov 2040 
Susan Hayden, Adult Services Consultant  susan.g.hayden@wv.gov 2015 
Susan P. Hoskins, Planning and Programs Consultant/ State Data Coordinator susan.p.hoskins@wv.gov 2014
Suzy McGinley, Youth Services Consultant suzy.s.mcginley@wv.gov 2019 
Preston Richardson, Information Specialist preston.i.richardson@wv.gov  2024
Robert Gibson, Office Assistant robert.l.gibson@wv.gov 2027

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Fax:  304-558-3693
Toll Free Option 5


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Harlan White, Network Services Director whiteh@wvlc.lib.wv.us 2002 
Cris Spradling, Information Systems Specialist cris@wvlc.lib.wv.us 2004 
Barbara England, Office Assistant englandb@wvlc.lib.wv.us 2001 
Carl Hackworth, Information Systems Coordinator carl@wvlc.lib.wv.us 2009 
Fred Vickers, Information Systems Coordinator vickersf@wvlc.lib.wv.us 2005 


System Administrators and Field Technicians

Where is Your Technician?


Name and Title E-mail Address Phone Number
Larry Arnold, Unix/Linux System Administrator for MLN & NorLN arnold@wvlc.lib.wv.us 304-438-3750
Tammy Richards, Millennium Application Support for MLN & NorLN richards@wvlc.lib.wv.us 304-627-2236 
Scott Birchfield, Raleigh County Area Field Technician
Sean Frazee, Cabell County Area Field Technician
Kelly Klein, Weirton Area Field Technician kelly.klein@wvlc.lib.wv.us 304-797-8510
Tina Snyder, Martinsburg Area Field Technician
Angela Graham, Parkersburg Area Field Technician angela.graham@park.lib.wv.us 304-420-4587
VACANT, Clarksburg Area Field Technician    

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Special Services

Fax:  304-558-6016
Toll Free Option 8
For Blind and Physically Handicapped Library Patrons 1-800-642-8674


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Donna Calvert, Special Services Director    donna.b.calvert@wv.gov 2052
Shawn Lemieux, Technology Resource Librarian shawn.n.lemieux@wv.gov
Jon Barker, Machine Coordinator jon.f.barker@wv.gov
Terry Matheny, Library Assistant terry.l.matheny@wv.gov 2051 
VACANT, Office Assistant    
VACANT, Office Assistant    

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State Library Services

Reference Section:
Fax:  304-558-2044
Toll Free Option 3

Technical Services Section:
Fax:  304-558-4066
Toll Free Option 6


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension
Heather Campbell-Shock, State Library Services Director heather.s.campbell@wv.gov 2069
Janice Bickham, Reference Librarian janice.l.bickham@wv.gov 2073
Michelle Kubiak, Cataloging Librarian michelle.l.kubiak@wv.gov 2078
Vickie Morris, Special Projects Cataloger vickie.l.morris@wv.gov 2037 
LeAna Paxson, Library Assistant
leana.m.paxson@wv.gov 2033
Geoff Richardson, Information Systems Coordinator geoff.m.richardson@wv.gov 2036 
Megan Tarbett, Digital Resource Librarian megan.h.tarbett@wv.gov 2070
Peter Triplett, Office Assistant peter.triplett@wv.gov 2034 
David Yost, Office Assistant david.yost@wv.gov 2032 
Susan Ward, Office Assistant susan.r.ward@wv.gov 2076 

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TV Studio

Fax:  304-558-4340
Toll Free Option 4


Name and Title E-mail Address Extension 
Mark Lanham, TV Studio Supervisor mark.a.lanham@wv.gov 2045 
Lino DeMarchi, Television/Video Technician lino.s.demarchi@wv.gov 2044 
Michael Shock, Television/Video Technician michael.b.shock@wv.gov 2043 
James White, Graphic Artist jimmy.r.white@wv.gov 2042 

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In-State Toll Free: 1-800-642-9021

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